Projects / Collaborations

Doctoral thesis (under my guidance and supervison):
  • 9/1994-4/1997: "ApoE, APP und Alzheimer´sche Krankheit - potentielle Rolle des Apolipoprotein E im Amyloid Precursor-Protein Metabolismus" by Frau Dipl.-Biologin Silke Haß
  • 7/1994-6/1997: „Analyse des Aktivierungsmechanismus von PKC-theta in humanen Jurkat T-Lymphozyten“ by Mag.rer.nat Birgit Bauer
  • 11/1998-12/2002: „Studies on the PKC gene module, especially on the PKC-theta gene and ist function in T-Lymphozyten“ by Mag. rer. nat. Kurt Kofler
  • 10/1999-12/2002: “Evidence of functional modulation of the MEKK/JNK/cJun signaling cascade by the low-density lipoprotein-receptor related protein” by Mag. MTA Christina Lutz (awarded with the Aventis Price 2002)
  • 12/1999-4/2003„PKC-theta affects Ca2+ mobilization and NF-AT activation in primary mouse T cells”, by Mag.rer.nat MTA Christa Pfeifhofer (awarded with the Aventis Price 2003)
  • 11/2000-1/2004: “Studies on the physiological roles of distinct protein kinase C isotypes in T cell signaling employing the gene knockout strategy”, by Mag.rer.nat Thomas Gruber
  • 12/2001-12/2004: “Molecular studies on the physiological roles of PKCalpha, beta, epsilon and zeta isotypes in T cell signaling”, by Mag.rer.nat Nikolaus Thuille (awarded with the Aventis Price 2005)
  • 12/2003-12/2006: PKCtheta selectively controls the adhesion-stimulating molecule Rap1 via a direct RapGEF2 phosphorylation in T lymphocytes”, by Mag.rer.nat Thomas Letschka
  • 12/2005-11/2008: „Potential role of Protein Kinase C isotypes alpha and beta in T cell adhesion“ by Mag. rer. nat. Veronika Kollmann
  • 4/2008-5/2012: „Molecular characterization of the T cell intrinsic Cbl-b signaling pathway and its evaluation as a unique cancer therapeutic target“ by DI Reinhard Hinterleitner (awarded with the Erwin-Schrödinger-Stipendium J3408: Virus-vermittelter Verlust der oralen Toleranz und Zöliakie, University of Chicago).
  • 4/2008-5/2012: „The role of PKCalpha in CD4+ Th17 cell effector autoimmune pathology“ by Mag. rer. nat. Marlies Meisel (awarded with the Erwin-Schrödinger-Stipendium J3418: Rolle der Ernährung auf IL-15 induzierter Dysbiose, University of Chicago).
  • 12/2009-6/2014: „Functional Roles of Protein Kinase C θ, and classical PKC isotypes α and β, in murine effector T lymphocytes.“ by Mag. rer. nat. Katarzyna Wachowicz
  • 4/2012-9/2015: „Molecular role and mode of action of the nuclear orphan receptor NR2F6 in cancer immune surveillance.” by Mag. rer. nat. Victoria Klepsch
  • 10/2014-10/2019: “Role of Cbl-b in autoimmunity and tumor immunity” by Sebastian Peer, MSc
  • 10/2015-10/2019: “Orphan nuclear receptor NR2F6 prevents excessive T follicular helper cell accumulation through regulation of the cytokine IL-21“ by William Joseph Olson, MSc

International Collaborations

  • Andreas Katapodis, Gerhard Zencke; Novartis Pharma, Basel, Switzerland
  • Michael Leitges, Biotechnology Centre of Oslo, University of Oslo, Norway
  • Amnon Altman, LIAI, San Diego, USA
  • Steve Shaw, NIH, Bethesda, USA
  • Wallace Langdon, University of Western Australia, Perth, AUS

Major Projects

  1. Austrian Science Funds: # FWF-DK, 2015-2019: PhD program in „Molecular Cell Biology and Oncology (MCBO)“; Faculty members: Gottfried Baier and Natascha Kleiter; MCBO
  2. European Union: # EC grant/FP7-HEALTH-Large-scale Integrating Project: Modelling of T-cell activation, Title: Systems Biology of T Cell Activation, Acronym SYBILLA, 2009-2013; Sybilla-t-cell
  3. Austrian Science Funds: # FWF-P25044 (Gottfried Baier): Analysis of PKCalpha-mediated regulation of TGFß receptor signaling in T cells, 2012-2017
  4. Austrian Science Funds: # FWF Lise Meitner Program M1636: PKCtheta/Coro1A axis in CD4+ T cell subpopulations (Kerstin Siegmund & Gottfried Baier) 2014-2018
  5. Austrian Science Funds: # FWF P28694: NR2f6 governs immune defense against microbial pathogens (Natascha Kleiter) 2016-2019
  6. Austrian Scienec Funds: # FWF P25828: Analysis of the TGFß/Cbl-b pathway in autoimmunity and tumor immunity (Thomas Gruber) 2014-2018
  7. Austrian Research Promotion Agency: # FFG BRIDGE-842388, Acronym CBL-AIM: Blocking Cbl-b immune-inhibitory signaling pathways as a unique cancer therapeutic target (Gottfried Baier), 2014-2017
  8. CD Laboratory for Immune Therapy‐mediated Cancer Rejection via NR2F6 blockade; Acronym: I-CARE (Coord. Gottfried Baier) 2016-2020; Christian Doppler Forschungsgesellschaft
  9. Austrian Science Funds: # FWF P30324: Adenosine A2A receptor function(s) in the patho-physiology of immune diseases (Gottfried Baier), 2017-2021
  10. Austrian Science Funds #FWF P31383: Nuclear receptors as cancer immune checkpoint (Gottfried Baier), 2018-2022
  11. ERC Advanced grant # 786462: Host Protective Engineering of Cancer Immunity, Acronym: HOPE (Coord. Gottfried Baier) 2018-2023
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